Make more money, grow your team, and most importantly provide more value to your agents than ever before with JMG

JMG is looking to partner with 1 or 2 team leaders in the Oklahoma City area.

Are you the right team leader?

JMG is currently expanding operations with many of our national referral partners. By doing so, we will add thousands of referrals in the Oklahoma City area. Because of this, we are looking to grow with a select few team leaders who are looking to grow their teams by using the power of our referrals.

Providing More Value to Our Real Estate Team Leaders

Let's Talk Economics

JMG provides an exceptional team leader comp package, starting with each transaction has an (agent paid) $350 transaction fee on a 95/5 split to the team leader with a $30,000 cap for your entire team, no matter the size of your team. This allows for UNLIMITED growth. However, it gets even better than that.

If your a team leader and have 10 agents on your team you qualify for the Executive Team program. Which means you as the team leader are given a 12% P&L Bonus on the revenue your team brought in.

For example: if you have a team of 10 agents, and do 400 transactions a year.
That’s $140k in transactions +  $30k team cap = $170,000 a year.

You then get a bonus of $20,400

New Revenue & New Business

When an agent joins JMG the close on average an additional 30+ deals a year from our referral partnerships. Those are deals that you can not find anywhere else. And those extra deals equate to real money for you, the team leader.

But it doesn’t stop there. Those extra deals inevitably lead to additional self-gen business for your agents and your team. An average team leader with a 70/30 split for their agents can see an extra six figures a year that they would not have had without the referrals from JMG.

Reducing Your Cost Basis

The cost of running a team is expensive. From CRM systems, buying leads, advertising, marketing, the list goes on. When a team joins JMG many of these systems are provided.

Our proprietary CRM, OZ, is purpose-built for real estate agents who demand efficiency, accuracy, and cutting-edge technology. As a single sign-on platform that provides all necessary systems in one place, OZ has everything you need to succeed all on one single platform.

With our expansive referral network and exclusive partnerships we distributed over 75,000 leads in 2023. That number is expected to be over 100,000 in 2024 and we continue to grow year over year.

By joining JMG team leaders can substantially decrease their cost basis all while providing MORE value than ever before to their agents.

Our Referral Partners

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

What Our Team Leaders Say

“I was always a producer prior to JMG but the decision to move the entire team was based on the fact that the other agents, especially the newer ones, could not seem to find a way to build their book of business.
After meeting with Jason and Amy, the decision to make the jump was easy.
First and foremost, Jason was down to earth. Speaking with him, you knew he wanted you to succeed. He had a great business sense and more importantly, had built these incredible relationships with these huge organizations.
Recruiting is easy because agents love that they have an instant book of business. The beauty of it now is .... most of those company leads have now referred their friends and family and of course, as you know, that is all self-generated business.
Being with JMG is a no brainer. I would never leave. Not even to own my own brokerage. Why would I? My split is amazing and I have the ability to run my office the way I see fit (within the laws of course). The infrastructure is there and the support is second to none. I LOVE IT HERE!”

Sarah BandyThe Lifestyle Group

“I grew my team from 6 agents to 16 agents in 2 years with JMG and production from just under $100M to $270MM as a result of the systems, processes, marketing back ­office support, onboarding, compensation structure as well as the regular coaching available to all agents at no additional cost. Additionally, there are other revenue sources available to team leaders that other brokerages simply do not provide. Bottom line though, the numbers speak for themselves as other teams and agents plateau, JMG teams and agents still grow.”

James Wexler$270 Million Dollar a Year Team

We will fill these positions very quickly. If you are serious about learning more and growing your business please schedule a discovery call below.

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